Garden edging is a fantastic solution that offers a neat, finishing touch to your outdoor spaces. It is often used to create a border or a divider between flower beds, lawns and laid areas. Edging brings character, definition and a professional look to your garden and landscaping projects. With a choice of wood, brick and stone options we hope to inspire you to create a beautiful finish in your garden that may also make gardening that little bit easier.

Natural Stone Garden Edging

Garden edging made of stone can help to define garden spaces and incorporate an air of elegance to any paving or pathway border.  It brings clean lines and can be as subtle or as statement as you choose.  

Whilst you could purchase purposely made edging stones, there’s no reason you can’t use stone paving slabs to create your edging, especially if you already have some leftover.  It’s certainly a budget friendly option.  Available in a range of colours and sizes, you’ll be able to match them to your own design and requirements.  

Brick Edging

A more traditional choice, brick edging will provide a simple solution with an aesthetically tidy finish.  Bricks are easy to install, require very little manual labour and they are sure to keep edges intact.  

Bricks are really versatile and can be laid in different ways to achieve the look that you want.  

You could lay your chosen bricks in a narrow trench on their side, lay them flat with the wider side down, or you could even stand them upright or at a leaning angle to create an effective and efficient divide.

Stone Aggregate Border

Aggregates and stone chippings can be used to create a natural and decorative border or divider for your patio, decking, pathway, lawn or flower bed that will also naturally suppress weeds.  There’s a great variety of stones to choose from including slate chippings, limestone, gravels and pebbles that will create a look based on your own preference.  Each type will offer a unique size, colour and texture sure to enhance any garden design.

Garden Sleepers

Railway sleepers are a popular and really versatile choice for creating boundaries. They can be placed at angles from a garden fence or wall to make a triangular growing area, separating the lawn from the bed itself which is great for maintenance. Sleepers have excellent weight bearing capabilities so are a great choice for raised flower beds. You won’t need a complex design to use them and they can offer definition to your garden edge that is both simple and practical. Sleepers will also add character to your garden thanks to their rustic style and they will create a beautiful contrasting feature to the rest of the garden no matter what design you have in mind.

Create A Raised Bed As Edging

A raised bed can be multi-functional. They are ideal if you would prefer not to use traditional edging products but still want to bring some definition to your garden and create a unique growing area that is set away from your lawn or patio. Raised beds can be created from wood, bricks, stone and any other repurposed materials. You could then add edging to your garden bed for a more polished look. Raised beds are great for those with green fingers because they offer a level of protection to the plants within. They are less likely to be attacked by pests and therefore remain healthy and more productive.

We hope that you can take some inspiration from this blog and that you will find everything you need to create your own garden edging here at KPT Timber.