If you are looking to change or upgrade your garden fence you may be wondering what gravel boards are, if they are necessary or which type is best to use.  This is where our useful blog will provide all of the information you need to help you with your next fence project.

What Is A Gravel Board?

A gravel board is a wooden, concrete or composite board that has a height of between 140mm to 150mm.  These boards are purposely made to be positioned below fence panels to keep them off of the ground and away from damp soil, debris and insects.  They have been designed to prolong the life of your fence system.

Are Gravel Boards Essential?

Whilst not essential, installing gravel boards will definitely make your fence more durable which could save you money in the long run.  They help to create a neater, more uniform finish closing any gaps at the bottom of your fence which also increases privacy from within your garden.  Gravel boards also can prevent damage to your fence panels from lawn mowers and strimmers, garden tools and even the children’s footballs.

What Types Of Gravel Boards Are There?

As we mentioned before there are three main types of gravel boards:

Wooden Gravel Boards

People that want to keep their fences traditional-looking frequently utilise wooden boards, especially when ornate fence panels are involved. However, wooden gravel boards are susceptible to decaying similarly to wooden fence posts.

Our sawn, treated gravel boards are available in a choice of sizes and lengths, are made from Redwood and Whitewood class 4 timber and have been tanalised to offer rot resistance.

These will ensure that your fence panels and boards remain contactless with the ground and will help to create the perfect straight edge and a neat and tidy finish to a range of fencing projects.  

Concrete Gravel Boards

Since concrete gravel boards don't rot or deteriorate, they last longer than timber. They also offer a sturdy foundation for your fencing posts and are simple to maintain. There is a disadvantage or two though.  Many people don't find the aesthetics, or lack thereof, appealing. Installation is often challenging due to the weight and manoeuvrability of concrete gravel boards.

Composite Gravel Boards

The best of both worlds are combined in composite gravel boards. They are visually appealing and durable, they won't rot, warp or crack.  They are lightweight and easy to install plus they come in a variety of colours and finishes to match your preference, fence type and colour.

Composite gravel boards are constructed from a mixture of recycled real wood and plastic. While the plastic maintains great strength to provide a longer lasting, more durable solution, the wood produces a finish that is really authentic and looks natural.

DuraPost Composite Gravel Boards & More

DuraPost is a composite fencing system that is stylish, easy to install and maintain and offers excellent durability and security.  There is a great choice of colours, styles and matching hardware and accessories so that you can create an outdoor space that can be enjoyed for many, many years.  

We stock an array of DuraPost products so that you can create an easily maintainable fence system that looks great but is also built to last.

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