One of the most important aspects of any outdoor space is the patio or terrace area.  It’s always a good idea to have a designated spot to dine and entertain.  Decking provides a great way to create such a space and can help to really set boundaries and highlight a specific area.  Decking is really versatile and usually an affordable option that is relatively straightforward to install.  The ground below it will not require levelling plus, decking is quite warm underfoot.  Here are some ideas to inspire your deck building project.

Consider The Shape

Always choose the best shape to fit the space in mind.  Whilst rectangular and square decks are more traditional, offer clean lines and are simpler to install, a rounded deck brings a softer finish that can be jazzed up with chippings and aggregates, bark or grass to follow the curve.

Go For A Pattern

Decking can be laid in a variety of different patterns to add interest and a unique style. The boards don’t have to be laid in straight, horizontal lines. How about laying them diagonally or try a chevron style, similar to parquet flooring. Or if you choose deck tiles, they could be laid in checkerboard layout which is extremely eye-catching and highly effective.

Introduce Another Level

Decking can be installed at varying heights and levels to suit the size, shape and surface of your garden.  Raised decks are great for those who have sloped or uneven gardens and can create a level surface without the need for any groundworks.  A raised deck on a tall frame also creates a storage area underneath.  

Add Different Materials 

Decking can be made more interesting by combining it with different materials.  You could add a border edge using paving stones or bricks or you could introduce a row of slate or flagstones in between your decking boards for a bold and contrasting statement design.  This helps to break up a dark and heavy looking timber deck.  

Bring In Colour

Decking can be a good way to bring a little colour to your outdoor space.  Whilst they look great in their natural state, our deck boards can be painted or stained using decking paint.  There are so many different colours to choose from now, that it is easy to create a colourful or themed decking area.  From rich browns and contemporary greys to vibrant blues and clean white.  If you are feeling creative you could even create a unique pattern or try painting a picture on to your decking for a bespoke and personalised style.  

Create An Ambience With Lights

Incorporating lighting into your decking area means that you can continue to use it after the sun has set.  There are several styles you could choose from including string lights draped around the edges, lanterns in the corners or built in deck lights.  All will add that cosy atmosphere to take you into the longer summer evenings.  

We hope you can take some inspiration from these ideas so that you can create a fantastic, usable decking space that you will love for many years to come.  For all of your deck building materials and fixings, take a look at our website.