Spring has officially arrived and better weather and warmer days are in sight.  This poses the opportunity to get outside and ensure your outdoor space and patio is ready for use after the winter months.  The winter can take its toll even on the most robust of patios but with a little time and TLC you’ll have it ready for barbecues and outdoor entertaining.

Check For Winter Damage

The first step in getting your patio ready for spring is to check for any damage that may have been caused by the winter weather.  Snow and ice can lead to cracks and chips in your paving stones so it is important to identify any damage and deal with repairing or replacing any broken pavers.  

If you have a decked area, look for any cracked or chipped deck boards and loose railings.  You’ll also need to look for signs of rot, mould and algae on the wood.  Make sure all repairs are carried out before you use the space.

Spring Cleaning

After identifying any damage and carrying out any necessary repairs, cleaning is the next step. Decking can be cleaned using a soft bristle brush to remove any green build up and scrub away the grime. Then you can use a pressure washer on the lowest setting to rinse it all away.

For a stone patio, get rid of any weeds that may be creeping up through the cracks. To clean the patio slabs a solution of vinegar and water works well along with a stiff bristled brush and a bit of elbow grease. For more stubborn stains, a pressure washer can be used.

Patio furniture may also need a bit of a clean as it may have collected dust and dirt from being stored away. Use a brush to scrub any stubborn stains and a garden hose to rinse it off.


Apply A Sealant

If your patio is more than 3 to 5 years old, then applying a patio and paving sealant could help to prolong its life.  A sealant will provide a tough, water resistant finish that will protect your patio from water, solvents, dirt, grease and oil.  

A Lick Of Paint

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your patio space is to add a fresh coat of paint or stain to your fence, decking or even wooden furniture.  With a great choice of colours available you can choose a bright and modern colour that will help to introduce a fresh new look and a little flair.  

Add Some Shade

We will all be seeking the sun, but if it becomes too warm you may need a shady spot to escape for a while.  A large patio umbrella or a pergola can be useful in this case.  You could hang fabric or curtains from a pergola to block out direct sunlight and heat and this will also provide a little privacy from neighbours too.

Decoration & Greenery

Once you’ve carried out all of the hard graft, cleaning and repairing, all that’s left to do is make the patio space more inviting and homely.  Installing some wall lights or string lights can help to create a cosy ambience once the sun goes down and will allow you to stay outside after dark.  You could also add cushions, throws and an outdoor rug for an indoors outdoors style.

Introducing greenery really adds to the aesthetic too.  Potted plants such as ferns help to make everything feel a bit more summery and you could choose climbing vines or roses to set the mood and maybe bring a mediterranean vibe. 

As soon as those dry, sunnier days arrive it’s time to prepare your patio ready for plenty of barbecuing, gatherings and fun.  Tidy up, clean up and turn on those lights and make the most of the spring and summer days and nights.  If you are looking to replace your patio then take a look at our Paving range here. We have a choice of both concrete and natural stone paving available.