There are endless ways to bring a fresh new look to your garden. From decking and aggregates to water features and even the modest trellis. A trellis can provide a multi-purpose solution to any outdoor space and can be highly attractive.

A trellis is traditionally made from wood, offers an open framework and features diamond (or square) shaped panels. They are designed to stand vertically, can be freestanding or set against a wall or on top of a fence. They can be used creatively in a variety of different ways to bring an exciting new feature to your garden. Here are 5 inspirational ideas to use a trellis to enhance your garden:

Grow Climbing Plants

Using a trellis to grow climbing plants can help to give your garden more dimension.  A typical English garden would feature climbing honeysuckle, roses and clematis.  A trellis allows such climbing plants to be a central feature.  They can be used to show off plants in parts of the garden that are generally off limits, to encourage growth of vegetables such as runner beans or used to frame a doorway or entrance.

Privacy Screens

Trellis panels can offer a simple and elegant way to create a framed or screened space whilst still allowing light and air to come through.  You could use evergreen plants and or vines to create as much or as little privacy as you like.  

If you have a garden that is overlooked by other gardens or houses, you could add a short trellis to the top of your garden boundary walls or fences which will provide additional privacy without blocking out light.


Trellis panels can be placed pretty much anywhere.  This makes them especially suitable for creating partitions and boundaries for your garden.  You may wish to separate your vegetable patch from an ornamental section of the garden or a play area for the children.  You could create a section for your pets or in larger gardens you could use trellis panels to create outdoor ‘rooms’ or areas each with their own purpose such as a dining area.  Trellis can be used to create symmetry or bring focus to a particular area.


Trellis can be used creatively to hide areas or items in your garden from plain sight.  They can be used to disguise wheelie bins, compost heaps of storage areas.  You could paint your trellis a dark colour such as grey or black to make it blend into the background or paint it a brighter colour to make it more of a focal point.  Climbing plants such as jasmine will cleverly conceal such items that you would rather not have on show.   


Of course, whilst trellis are practical they can be used just for decoration.  If you have large areas of plain, blank space such as a garden wall, trellis can be fixed to them to make it look more attractive.  They can be painted any colour to brighten up your space and will bring an unusual architectural feature to any outdoor space.

Practical, versatile and elegant, trellis can provide a solution for a range of garden problems and add height, structure and interest to almost any outdoor space.  Shop our trellis panels here.