Winter can feel like a long, hard slog. The cold and wet weather conditions can make manual work feel a lot harder and it can really take its toll on our bodies, especially if you are working with heavy materials and concrete posts.

Standard concrete posts weigh around 40kg each and corner posts can be almost double which is a lot of stress on the body not to mention a high risk of injury. DuraPost offers an excellent, lightweight, strong and durable option for fence systems and here are a few reasons why you should choose it if you are looking to install a new fence this year.

1 - Lightweight

DuraPost fence posts are extremely lightweight.  One person should be able to carry two or three at a time without any problems.  This lowers the risk of accidents and will save time and labour.  DuraPost fence panels are also lightweight, easy to handle and install and often only require a single person to do so.  For larger jobs where a bigger crew is required, the lightweight fence products can be installed at a much faster rate than traditional fencing which can be a great cost effective benefit too.

2 - Easy To Store & Transport

DuraPost posts take up much less storage space compared to traditional posts.  This means you will also be able to get a lot more on the back of your truck and therefore reduce transport costs and lower your carbon footprint.  

3 - Unbreakable

DuraPosts are unlikely to break if accidentally dropped.  Concrete is strong but it could still fracture on impact making it unusable and potentially a waste of money.  If you were to drop a DuraPost post, the worst that could happen is a loud noise as it hits the ground.

4 - No Product Shortages

The building sector is facing many material shortages especially when it comes to timber and cement products.  Galvanised metals are safe from this shortage and as such, DuraPost’s full range of components are readily available.

5 - Strong, Flexible & Guaranteed For 15 Years

DuraPost is strong, flexible and versatile plus it is guaranteed for 15 years.  DuraPost posts are non porous which means no cracking, no rusting and no weakening from the weather.  These fence components require no maintenance once installed and they offer a stylish finish which makes it a popular choice for homeowners.

As you can see there are so many reasons why DuraPost is a great choice for your fencing system. It’s modern, easy to install, readily available and there are several colour options to choose from. Make DuraPost your fence system of choice for 2023 and browse the full range here.